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Celebrating over 65 years in business, Royal Crest Promotions is the original creator and manufacturer of the “World’s Largest Christmas Stocking."  The idea for the stocking originated in 1948, in Brooklyn, New York. The original owners wanted to offer a product to help local merchants increase foot traffic, and boost sales, during the holiday season.

Children were naturally drawn to the biggest stocking they’ve ever seen, filled with toys, and their parents are happy to try their luck at winning.  Retailers found revenue increased by hanging a stocking in their store from the big Thanksgiving Holiday kick off right up to the Christmas Holiday, and allowed them to track their marketing and advertising dollars.  Word of the World’s Largest Christmas Stocking expanded past Brooklyn, and it can now be found in a variety of business settings across the U.S., Mexico and Canada.  

The Giant 8 foot tall Christmas Stocking is an eye catching promotion and is America’s #1 Family Traffic Builder and in-store sweepstakes promotion.  The stockings are created to appeal to both girls and boys between the ages of 4-13, and includes a family board game for Mom and Dad.  Each stocking features a selection of licensed brand name toys from such companies as Hasbro, Disney, Mattel, Marvel Comics, Nickelodeon and more.  

In addition to retailers, it has become a useful tool for fundraisers, schools, churches, military bases, banks, restaurants, casinos, and auto dealerships just to name a few.  By utilizing the entry form as a way to capture information these companies and organizations build strong mailing lists for future marketing opportunities.  Plus, it makes a great Holiday Decoration!

With an annual repeat order history ratio of 85%, this is one promotion that can’t be overlooked!


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